How Is An Exercise Ball Measured

how is an exercise ball measured

How is an exercise ball measured?¬†Choosing the appropriate exercise ball to your body type shouldn’t be an exercise in trial and error; summarized below are general guidelines to help prepare you for choosing the correct size.

Sizing Guidelines

Exercise balls are usually sized in accordance with an individual ‘s height. Although recommendations vary based on gear manufacturing company, the general guidelines summarized by back specialists are as follows:

Exercise ball diameter/Man’s height

  • 45 cm/5′ and under
  • 55 cm/5’1″– 5’8″
  • 65 cm/5’9″– 6’2″
  • 75 cm/6’3″– 6’7″
  • 85 cm/6’8″ and taller

User weight also plays a role in the appropriate ball choice. People who are heavier than average for his or her height could believe the ball is too little and place more pressure. Consider changing into a ball that is bigger in diameter.

One other variable that is significant is user leg span. People with longer than average legs for his or her height will probably favor a ball that is bigger. Users having a longer than average torso and shorter than typical legs may choose an exercise ball that is smaller.

The ball needs to be completely inflated to work. As the ball will lose air pressure with time, you will want to re-inflate it sometimes. Assess for leaks, rips and punctures. Don’t use exercise equipment that is damaged.

Due to the variability in body types, the lone way to completely ensure appropriate size choice will be to examine the ball. A mirror could possibly be useful. Keep your knees even along with your hips (or somewhat lower), about forming a 90 degree angle. Pelvis and centered and shoulders needs to be aligned. You shouldn’t be leaning in just about any way or be off center. Little deflation or inflation may do the trick in case the ball looks too large or too little purchase another size ball to make sure appropriate placement and security.

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